The creators and producers  are blessed by the commitments of such accomplished singers and actors to this project.  In getting to this point, one of our greatest challenges has been that of timing, and fitting our preparations and rehearsals among the widespread projects to which they are committed, and others which they might  entertain.

Thankfully, the two principals were introduced via Clifton Art Council’s director Darrell Poe, who has been active in local theater production for nearly two decades.

Ivy Elizabeth   comes fresh off her dual-role of Director AND Musical Director in Fauquier Community Theater’s production of The Secret Garden running the first 3 weekends in May.

As an actor and singer, the ever-versatile mezzo-soprano breathes life into the Woman’s role, Ms Soulmate..

From fronting a Metal band as “Poison Ivy” to cabaret-style shows with Stagecoach and country-rock Christmas songs, her role also explores her torch-song work and love of Rosemary Clooney’s recordings.

Given the depth of her experience and long list of accomplishments, Ivy has been extremely generous with her advice and counsel since expressing interest back near the beginning of February.

Kurt Gustafson The classically-trained singer with a wide vocal range (bridging baritone and tenor parts), was first introduced to Bazz for his technical proficiency.  Highly sought-after for technical roles in production after production,  one technical role just completed for Reston’s Rock of Ages  and another for The Secret Garden.  Kurt’s acting and singing roles included the role of Captain Walker ( featuring “I Believe My Own Eyes”) in the Who’s Tommy, and most recently in Revolutionary Gentleman as George Washington.

Kurt first agreed to help with tech, and then graciously and enthusiastically accepted the *added* challenge of singing a lead role- –  that of the Man  (Mr. Soulmate).

Bazz Atlas wrote the music for the piece and performs some solo and ensemble versions as Mr. Chorus, a single embodiment of a Greek Chorus as well as a 3rd character, with his own agenda and experiences interwoven with the primary love story.

Bazz has developed a wide-ranging number of styles and and writes in numerous genres, writing lyrics and music, collaborating with other lyricists, and occasionally venturing into recording covers of other artists.

Three original music bands in the Washington DC area bridged the late 70’s and 80’s, including 40 of Atlas’s own lyrics and songs.  Two recordings were produced of Atlas’s songs and lyrics, released only locally.

Upon renewed commitment to the craft, over the past decade Atlas has recorded over 70 songs.

He collaborated with KS Sheridan to create the original song cycle of 14 songs as a theatre piece between 2006 and 2007,  partly to serve as deep research for Sheridan’s upcoming novel.

11 years later the project grew into essentially a 2-disk set of 25 songs, plus his Overture and Coda, encompassing the duo’s writing from 1976 through 2007.

A single Atlas lyric “My Foreign Legion” was included after Sheridan’s compliments, and at his actual suggestion, as it fit within the context of the others.